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Sia Dehghan is AWESOME!! If you are in business or just starting out, Sia Dehghan is “THE GO TO GUY”! Our company is being Blessed beyond what I could have imagined. His guidance as our Business Consultant is soaring and heading for Great and Glorious Successes!!! Thank You Jesus for Sia Dehghan!!! Reach out to to Sia Dehghan here on Facebook or on LinkedIn… You will NOT Regret it!!!

Author/Inspirational Speaker

From The Bullet To The Bible A Gangster’s Tale (Click for the website)


Scott Fenley

Sr. Partner at Retrofit Direct:

I have a very special place in my heart for Sia. There is a very small and select list of men that I would personally consider mentors and he is one of them. My nickname for him is Yoda because he is as wise but not as green as that fictional creature. He is a problem solver among problem solvers. I consider myself an outside the box thinker and he teaches me a thing or two every time we talk. He is a leader and would be an asset to any company. The harder the problem you have the better the choice he is. I hear he is working on a great book and I am looking forward to reading it

Retrofit Direct (Click for the website)

Innovative Solutions for Retrofitting Switchgear. Including Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Applications.

great insight and practical solutions

Dentist/Prosthodontist at Greenspoint Dental

Sia is a bundle of joy and humor; he is a pleasure to be around. He provides great insight and practical solutions to everyday business challenges. He has real world experience having worked with both large and medium size corporations. I highly recommend Sia not only for his outstanding work proficiency but also because he is an all-around great guy!

Dr. Louis Bosse

GreensPoint Dental, 12523 Greenspoint Drive, Houston, Texas 77060  (Click for the wbsite)

Master of resource management

Gonzalo Lopez

Sr. Partner at Log-On Technologies, LLC:

Sia is a master at resource management.  He gains an in-depth understanding of your organization, your role as well as the roles of others within that business and builds in proven solutions to align the business as a whole.  He brings years of experience in dealing with large to small sized businesses at a very affordable price point.  The value you get from Sia’s services cannot be expressed with words alone.  He’s a tremendous resource that can help any business or business owner overcome common and not so common operational obstacles.  His perspective and experience bring a fresh point of view to problem solving.  Every dollar spent with Sia provides at least a ten times return on investment.  I highly recommend contacting Sia to help you with your business if you want to take it to the next level and bring more value to your clients.

Log-On Technologies, LLC (Click for the website)

Providing IT solutions to businesses since 2001!

A New Perspective With Out Of The Box Thinking

Financial Advisor, Phone: 936-539-1003

Within no time at all, Sia was able visit with me and make a few observations on how to create a more inviting and efficient work space. When you see the same thing every day, you can overlook aspects that others notice. Sia provides that fresh opinion with his out of the box thinking to solve “problems” that you didn’t even realize existed. His goal is truly to see others become more efficient and more productive.

Financial Advisor (Click for the website) Office Location: 333 N Rivershire Dr., Suite 255, Conroe, TX 77304

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Roy Wooten

Executive Director at The Crucible Project

Hired Sia as a Business Consultant – Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. “As a client of Sia’s work, I have been impressed with his analytical mind, quick ability to accurately assess the landscape and environment and effective solutions that are within the capacity and financial ability of the organization. Sia has a great personality and sense of humor which makes him great to work with and I highly recommend him without reservation.” 

well-versed Engagement Manager

Mike Thome

Operations Manager/Project Manager at DataBank IMX:

Sia is a well-versed Engagement Manager and he is very duteous when dealing with clients and project related issues. Sia manages all projects associated with the Houston operations center, he jumped right into all existing projects reviewing current status, sending out updates, project closure signoff forms and destruction notices. Sia is always willing to take on any project or challenge faced with, he also took the initiative to update project SOW template, project closure and destruction notices. Sia is a consummate team player, he is quick to share information with other team members and offer assistance when needed. Sia is very meticulous when reviewing project proposals and he is quick to provide valuable feedback and updates.

results oriented

Chris Wherry

Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Appian:

Sia taught me the art of creating a level of effort for consulting engagements while at Schlumberger. He is very results-oriented and always guarantees that customers’ expectations are set properly and that projects are delivered on time to satisfied customers. Sia has always built strong customer relationships and surrounded himself with dedicated team members who are committed to customer success. He always created a fun work environment while still motivating employees to succeed on even the most challenging projects. Sia is a true leader whose business acumen always ensures he is one step ahead in predicting risk or anything that stood in way of success.

truly compassionate businessperson

Celerino Torres

Chief VoIP/UC Security Architect:

Sia has a tenacious, detailed-driven attitude to serve. He maintains a professional focus, and is customer centric in his services he offers. The longest lingering impression is his audacity to get the job done right the first time, meanwhile maintaining the composure and stature of a truly compassionate businessperson.


Demetrios Stellas

Global Director at Schlumberger:

Sia has the skills to get the job done on time and on budget. He has great problem solving skills and is quite good at finding unique solutions to challenging problems.


Ricky Lee

Director Of Infrastructure/Datacenter at Alltran

Sia Dehghan was instrumental in my success as a project manager and as an IT leader. Sia saw in me things I didn’t know I had. I use valuable advice and lessons learned from him in my day to day operations and management. I would feel at ease working any project with Sia at the helm. His insight and attention to detail is second to none.

building & implementing the appropriate processes

Brian Robicheaux

Chief Information Officer at Peterson Health:

Sia and I worked closely together to deliver support services to our clients. Sia was excellent at directly interfacing and managing the client relationship. Sia was always focused on meeting his Service Levels and building and implementing the appropriate processes to ensure those Service Levels were met so that we exceeded the client’s expectations.

detailed oriented

Elliott Avery

VP, ieSmartSystems, L.L.C.

Sia successfully developed and implemented the service management module for ieSmartSystems that resulted in increased revenue. During his tenure, we saw an increase in profit that exceeded our expectations. Sia is a detailed-oriented manager that focuses on the strategic objectives and is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Sia was an asset to the service department moreover extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. Sia took the lead role in implementing the new phone switch installation along with new local exchange carrier. He completed this task with zero down time. Sia was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including clients, employers, and other professional organizations. I recommend Sia without reservations. I am confident that he will establish productive relationships with your staff and constituents. He would make a great asset to any organization and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.” 

deliver services of the highest quality

Thomas Ryan

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Promethean Energy Corporation

I Have known Sia Dehghan since 1998 when TOTAL initially outsourced its IT functions to Omnes . During the six year period I have served as TOTAL’s Vice President of Human Resources, Communication and General Counsel during a significant divestment and two subsequent corporate mergers. All of these corporate activities involved very significant IT issues both technically and from personnel standpoint.

Despite the obvious transitions difficulties, from my perspective, Sia Dehghan excelled in the manner in which he serviced his clients and responded to our needs in timely and efficient manner. He demonstrated a remarkable ability to retain his cool composure under great pressure and my view, to deliver services of the highest quality.

It is with utmost sincerity and high regard that I highly recommend Sia Dehghan to you for whatever IT services you might need

great work can be accomplished in a short time

Chris Cooley

Production Engineer TOTAL E&P USA (2004)

Of the people and contractors at Total E&P USA that I have worked with, one whom I am very appreciative of is Sia Dehghan of Schlumberger. Whenever a problem involving IT has came up, he has been the best person to call to make sure things were fixed and fixed correctly. Of the projects he has worked on for me, the Canyon Express (CE) project was probably where I saw his most impressive work. Sia organized the following in just a couple of months:

-The transfer of over 2500 data points from the platform to the Total office to a website every 10 minutes to be viewed by CE partners. Several new programs had to be written to properly transfer this data.

-The transfer of daily and monthly *.xls files for view and use by CE partners. Several new programs were written for this operation as well.

-The setup and support of the production allocation (TOW) and data transfer system on the platform. This included all necessary software, hardware, and security.

-trouble shooting of the dataview website to increase speed and usability.

Without his help and quick action in this project, Total would have fallen far behind in meeting partner needs. There have been several other smaller projects I have worked on with Sia, where he moved quickly to obtain a solution and then organize and direct the right people to implement. His knowledge of the needs for data transfer, combined with his appreciation for working quickly have been invaluable for the department that I work in. Give Sia Dehghan the right tools and great work can be accomplished in a short time. I can easily say that any IT group or company is blessed to have a man with Sia’s talents and recommend his services whole heatedly

Operations & Delivery

Keith B. Davidson, Sr.

US Business Development Manager at Metegrity Corp:

Sia is by far the best Operations Manager I have ever worked with. His “six sense” capabilities allowed us to double our Quota sales performance. His Sales and Delivery programs are “Spot On!”

motivated to deliver

Surachet Tanwongsval

Vice President and General Manager, Institutional Asia Pacific at Ecolab:

If you get to know Sia, you’ll understand why he’s one of the best managers and friend. He’s not only attentive to the business but also to his people. You are always motivated to deliver the best results possible for him and ultimately, the company.

knack of getting things done


Co-Founder at NiRo Spend Intelligence

As a manager, Sia was able to understand the skills, expertise and personalities of his team members and create a dynamic based on this understanding that allowed the team to function efficiently. He was good at motivating his employees, and stood up for them whenever possible. Sia does not get stressed or does not appear to be stressed during stressful times, and is a calming influence on the team. He has a knack of getting things done, and is not afraid to make calls to make sure tasks are completed professionally and on time.