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Through the management of several Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transitions and over 30 years in operations leadership, I provided assistance and advice to corporate executives on process improvements and resource utilization for higher efficiency and improved profits.

      • Exhibited and executed a strategy to increase service delivery and to decrease operational costs by 25% (changing net from negative $500K to positive $500K after taxes)
      • Manifested an Information Technology service department for a project-based client to improve the quality of service by 50%. This resulted in an increase of revenue from $100K/year to $100K/Month.
      • Illustrated strategic processes to coordinate with production to allow clients the ability to reduce the backlog of old client documents and reduce warehousing costs.
      • Revealed new structure s for all services which resulted in customer savings of 15% and increased revenue by 38% (Win-Win)
      • Entrenched managed service methodology including Service Level Agreements (SLA) including CRM ticketing system & maintenance support

My compassion for individuals, including students and mid-career individuals from any socioeconomic background, coupled with my passion for efficient operations, has provided me with the opportunity to assist countless companies with process improvements and to encourage participants with Career Transition over the past ten plus (10+) years.

At DataBank IMX, I have collaborated with senior management to improve critical contracts, including Scope of Work (SOW), project closure, and destruction notices to ensure 100% client satisfaction and 0% rework. 

As the Global Director of Operations & Customer Success Executive at Credexo, an Identity Management and Security Consulting Company, I have established new standards and processes. 

At Accenture, as a Solutions Architect, I provided a flexible global outsourcing solution to reduce costs by 10% annually.

In My 10+ years of operations and service management positions at Schlumberger North America, I delivered all the contracted Service Agreements for troubled accounts, and changed the client’s perception of services to one that was overwhelmingly positive resulting in renewing the services with additional projects.


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